Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eggs Experiment

I found this in my feeds the other day, and wanted t give it a try.  I cut down the amount of onion somewhat, because the red onion I had was pretty big, and had to short the garlic, as well, because the @#$&#$ bulb I bought the other day turned out to be no good!

The result was... ok, but not great.  The siracha gave it a nice spicy finish, but it needs something on the front end.  Maybe a little pepper?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ginger-Honey Chicken

I made all three part of this recipe today, thinking that I'd have lots of leftovers. Of course, some friends showed up. So much for the leftovers.

I burned the chicken just a little bit. Guess medium-high on my stovetop is higher than on the Publix Test Kitchen stovetop. Still, it came out pretty well. Very ginger-y, with just a hint of sweetness, perfect with a class of white wine.

The real winner here is the vanilla rice. This is the first time I've made rice not in the rice cooker, so I approached it with some trepidation. But, I followed the recipe, and covered the pan with aluminum foil for the simmering phase, and it came out just fine.

Catching up...

OK, I've been slacking on this blog for the last couple of weeks. Not sure why, but let me catch up a little.


Tuesday is Heroes Night. The show actually airs on Mondays, but Scott games and I fence on Mondays, so we always watch it on Tuesdays (how we lived before DVR's, I'll never know). Most of the time, our friend Amber comes over to watch, as well. So it's a great excuse to work on some cooking.

Two weeks ago, Amber and I finally came up with a decent chicken stir fry. I started by using thighs, rather than breasts. That was an experience in itself, since I couldn't get boneless, and had to de-bone them myself. I am happy to report that there were no bits of finger mixed in with our chicken.

We ended up soaking the chicken in the leftover sauce from an earlier attempt, and that made the difference. Good Stir-fry!


So, my wife says to me on Saturday afternoon that there is ground beef that needs to be cooked up that day, knowing that I had a friend's graduation party to go to that evening. So I decided to brown it with some chopped onion and garlic, and simmer it for a while in some jar spaghetti sauce. It was... ok, but it needed something, so I added a good solid handful of oregano, and that did the trick. We were able to eat off of that for a solid week!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goulash with Caraway Seeds

When I was a kid, my mom used to make something called "Hungarian Goulash."  It was delicious.  This is not that recipe, but it's still pretty good.  To me, the interesting thing about this dish is that it's a multiple-technique recipe.  You start by browning the meat, and then you add the spices, veggies, and so forth, and stew it all for about an hour and a half.  Once again, the new Dutch Oven comes to the rescue!

I decided to make this because this weekend is a little more scheduled than normal, and I wanted something I could make on Saturday, then throw in the fridge and re-heat on Sunday.  Also, it's been cold (Florida-cold, not real-cold), and goulash is a great homey cold-weather dish.   As luck would have it, tonight was also one of the rare occasions that all four of us were home for dinner.  Sometimes, everything just works out perfectly.