Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stir-fry efforts

I've been struggling with this stir-fry thing of late.  Seems like I end up with too much flavor or too little.  On one end of that spectrum, I made some ginger-garlic beef, from a recipe in the stir-fry book I got a week or so ago.  The recipe called for 3/4 of a cup of soy sauce, and was just plain too salty.  On the other end, I've made a couple of chicken recipes in the past week, and I can't seem to get much flavor into the chicken itself.  Is there something basic that I'm missing?  Do I need to marinade the chicken for a longer period of time?  I'm stuck.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Garlic Lamb with Mushrooms and Noodles

So, I got this book on stir frying.  It was one of those bargain books that Borders always has on sale just inside the front door.  I figured that for eight bucks I couldn't go wrong, and I know how to saute, so stir frying would be playing to my strengths.


First of all, the measurements are mostly in ounces of weight, not volume.  Since I don't have a scale, that leaves me eyeballing things and guessing based on package size.

Second, the book uses a lot of ingredients that I haven't used previously, and doesn't really explain what they are.

Third, the directions tend to compress several steps into one, so it is really easy for the novice to miss something.

All that notwithstanding, the recipe I used tonight came out pretty well, albeit with way too many noodles.  I really liked the technique for cooking up teriyaki mushrooms.  You stir fry them for a couple of minutes, then add two tablespoons of teriyaki sauce, toss thoroughly, and then cover the lot and let them steam for about 10 seconds, just to force the flavor into the mushrooms.  I'm thinking of using this technique to go with some chicken at a later date.